We will get you ready to build!!!!

Whether your project involves simple site clearance, bulk excavation or concrete crushing and industrial dismantling, GL GROUP INC. has a program to suit your needs. Below is our listing of demolition and excavation services.

Structural Demolition

Demolition Services are seamlessly integrated into your unique building or development project: At GL GROUP INC., we understand that just as each building has its own unique qualities, so does each demolition project. We believe that each demolition project demands a demolition contractor who understands each building’s structure and who knows just how to bring it down safely. With worry free demolition services, we’ll get you ready to build.

  • Commercial Demolition – Whether on a single building or a sprawling multi-structure commercial complex, GL Group is the commercial demolition contractor you can trust.
  • Industrial Demolition – GL Group offers quality industrial strip outs and other industrial demolition including shopping centers, schools, hotels and warehouses.
  • Residential Demolition – GL Group will provide a timely, worry free partial or total residential demolition including private residences as well as garage and shed demolition.

Interior Demolition

Remodeling may include altering original interior construction—a job that can be difficult and dangerous without proper training. If your remodeling project requires interior demolition, you can call on the trusted experts of GL Group Inc. for your specialty contracting needs.

GL Group Inc. interior demolition services follow the same rigorous commitment to excellence that we apply to every project. Our interior demolition teams and safety experts have the established experience, know-how and training to get the job done right.

Selective Demolition

GL Group Inc. offers selective demolition services. This type of demolition is used to remove parts of buildings or structures as well as equipment. It is a targeted form of demolition because it is used when parts of the building or structure are meant to be kept in good condition. We have experience removing stairs, escalators, elevators, stacks, and conveyors as well as walls, floors, and ceilings. Renovations and remodels are good candidates for this type of demolition service. Our qualified staff works with the best machinery to ensure every project that we complete is of the high quality.

Free Estimates

GL Group Inc. takes the estimation process very seriously. We help our customers with their home improvement needs, budgeting and executing.

Certified Experience

GL Group Inc is licensed, bonded & insured contractor for New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Pennsylvania.

Competitive Pricing

Our estimating process involves both calculation and assessment of technical data and human judgment of circumstances and probabilities to set the correct and best pricing model.

Safety & Quality

Gl Group Inc. commitment to safety, quality and environmental is engrained in everything we do.

30 Years Experience

We are a licensed Environmental and Demolition Contractor with more than 30 years experience.

Repair & Maintenance

Improve your office with our building renovation services. We offer preventive maintenance and repair services for a more proactive approach.