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    GL Group is a provider of cost effective hazardous wastes material management and removal services. Our services include Asbestos Abatement, Mold Remediation, restoration of caused by water & fire, and Restoration Contracting.

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Asbestos Abatement

GL Group, Inc provides abatement services for a wide range of Residential, Commercial and Industrial Applications.

Our management and staff are dedicated to providing cost-effective solutions to Asbestos removal process , with safety as our first priority.

We devote daily effort to researching and implementing new technologies to increase safety while reducing time and labor costs resulting in top-quality workmanship, efficiency, professionalism, and competitive pricing.

Mold Remedation

Here at GL GROUP, INC we pride ourselves on knowing how to remove dangerous and toxic mold. We stay current with the constant changes in the recommendations issued by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

We offer inspection & testing along with several remediation procedures to fit your budget.

Fire & Water Damage

GL GROUP, INC has built its reputation on restoring homes damaged by WATER AND FIRE. We are a team you can trust, a team with a solid understanding of your vision and the skill and experience to make this vision a reality.

We specialize in minimizing property damage due to water. When dealing with water losses time is one of the most important factors. The amount of damage increases the longer it sits. As soon as you discover water damage contact GL Group, Inc any time of day and we will start the remediation process.

Restoration Contracting

When considering a home improvement or restoration project, choosing the right contractor is imperative. A certified GL Group specialist will take you through every step of our process in a systematic, professional manner.

We take all facets of your situation into consideration to develop a plan that fits your budget, lifestyle and needs. We will assist you in choosing the proper products to suit the certain style, expected lifespan of the project and quality you desire for all your construction projects.

Free estimates

GL Group Inc. takes the estimation process very seriously. We help our customers with their home improvement needs, budgeting and executing.

Certified Experience

GL Group Inc is licensed, bonded & insured contractor for New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Pennsylvania.

Competitive Pricing

Our estimating process involves both calculation and assessment of technical data and human judgment of circumstances and probabilities to set the correct and best pricing model.

Safety & Quality

Gl Group Inc. commitment to safety, quality and environmental is engrained in everything we do.

30 Years Experience

We are a licensed Environmental and Demolition Contractor with more than 30 years experience.

Repair & Maintenance

Improve your office with our building renovation services. We offer preventive maintenance and repair services for a more proactive approach.